Monday, April 27, 2015

After all these years, so I feel like writing a post for my outdated blog again.

Looking back at the posts, it was really a long way for me to reach this day. 

Knowing that I am really grew up and got more mature, I am glad to become who am I today! :)

Still there are bits of shortcomings of myself here and there, but then I will always make sure I become a true and real person. 

Yea, there are many kinds of people in this world, I believe and realise you cannot treat everyone the same. Started to work and seeing some kind of people makes me realise that I cannot reveal everything to everyone. You never know what their intention is.

Anyway, am still a positive person! I know I am! I can be independent, I wanna work out through my job, I wanna achieve my goals, here and there and make sure I treat people with a real heart. 

By believing the power of attraction, I attract people who have similar thoughts like me, people who are real like me. 

I think I would somehow write something again when I'm free? :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i'm so lazy

when i saw ppl's blog, i was thinking to myself, whr's tat heart of writing blog everyday tat i've told myself on d day i create tis blog?

i duno..xD

if its last time,whenever i gt on9,the thing i would open is my blog,msn,fb n email

but ended up msn, fb n pps!!

sumtimes oni pps!!hahaha~

so here's some updates for my recent life again... (after 2months of nt writing~~~:D)

after all this while, i think i get use to wat i've been studying now..

hsien jz asked me tat day whether tat i like wat i'm studying now onot...

i said ok n think again,its reli OK cuz i'm so into it tat i gt no complains abt it!( for now~~n hope it lasts!)

now evry monday's class.

the lecturer teach us business context n regulatory framework,

basically abt international business n economics.

he always said tat v have to read more books which non of us doing it.

this ended up he nag us evry week in d class cuz no 1 can answers him n argues with him!!xD

he always complains tat he is talking to d wall!!xD

n he also said tat wat we've studied in form6 is so different for now.(which i totally do not agree with him! cuz its so obvious tat thr so many similar things with f6!)

he said tat tis is a uk education based course.

so...v have to act like one of them.

he always gives us example of how we shuld do n act like as a university YEAR1 student.


i understands his feelings...cuz thr's only 13 of us in d class (yes..13)

so whoever teaching in d class, v r vry vry 1 talks!

so he finally cant stand our msian style education's attitude,

so he force us to do preparation b4 having class on evry monday morning!

now tis coming monday v r going to hv 5definitions and 3chapters of summary with us which mr lecturer wants us to go infront to have a small presentation for 5minutes.

the 2nd class for monday is d finance class

lecturer is so okay and v have our small test for d past 2weeks...

i can see that she ad beh tahan some human in d class which ask many many so damn it question.

if its me, i ad hentam them kao kao!!!!

studying here is so ok but evry monday n tuesday, i have to repeat this "quote" for duno how many times cuz reli reli reli so damn f***ing feel like beating them up!!damn it!!

tuesday class gt nt much thing to talk abt...

the 1st class is abt management stuff and the 2nd class is abt ur attitude stuff n cuz of tis class,
v r having trip to penang tis coming december!!yeay~~~~!=)
nice course to studyy!!heh heh~~

since i've started to study at here,
i goes to the LIBRARY evrytime i am in college~~:D
going into d library hv to check student id...
once forgot and told d guard i forgot cuz leave it in d class n said jz wanna go in for awhile
abang put 1 finger on his lips and ask me go go while looking at the librarians infront of him!!xD
abang vry good laaaa....c i go library tat often until he regconise me~~~hahaha!!
i oways said bye bye to him b4 i leave!!:D

going home is by bus already when i finds out tat its nearer to walk to the bus station compare to ktm station.and most IMPORTANTLY, when it reaches kepong, i do not nid to walk so so far bak to home.
although bus travels abit slower than d ktm..its ok...i choose to take d bus.
p/s: my butt hurts reli much cuz sitting too long!xD...

hmmm...i think tat's all la...evrytime write den write so long...
if nt...din sign in at all~~~xD ntg in mind the end!=)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

chiam roei said i din update my blog

so i'm here to update my blog since chiam roei is complaining! :D

i was thinking too!!

where is the gal who like to write her blog everyday and make herself a promise to writes her blog evryday?? :D

i've ntg to write like wat i've did last time.

evrytime after any functions like concerts, camps etc, i'll write my blog!! i'll put up photos so that when ppl reads it, they can c d pictures n nt only read the words cuz it'll be boring if there's oni words ma~~~ hehehe

when i gt sth to share, i'll write on blog too!!

but now my blog is like taken over by facebook larr...

any feelings a~wateva d,i'll jz put on that status...

write blog??nid to sign in, like so ma fan....(xDD)

ok~~so here's some updates laa

i'm studying @segi KL.

its K L

evrytime ppl ask :" where r u studying at ahh?"

i answer :" segi KL lo~ "

den ppl ans :" owhh...segi a~~~which segi ahh??"

den i answer again :" K L lo~K L d segi"

aiyo..human a human....i noe thr's few segi that's y i said segi K L ma...but ppl like to ask twice~

reason, they din pay attention abt wat ppl is talking abt!!! :D

so recently i've start my part time job @ tesco kepong's Yamaha store.

evry sat n sun, u'll find me thr! u will nt be able to phone me cuz thr gt no line~~

so jz come find me without informing me!! :D

recent activities are sgm concert combine wif mib! (i'm wif mib)

fyi, sgm is soka gakkai malaysia...its quite far frm me~cheras area~

evry sunday i have to take ktm until mid valley n wait d always late chooi ern to come fetch me at d nearby bus stop! xD

quite scared evrytime waiting @ thr lo~

so last saturday was the concert.

den here's some photos la~

u c facebook reli taken over evrything~act photos uploaded here is taken frm thr oso...

so it was like 2nd work putting photos at here~

no differences!ppl saw oso boring a~hhahaha!

c evryone is sooooo happy~~

~me n jsheng~
p/s:its been more den 1yr i'm nt seeing him!=)

me jsheng n yenting~
he ask us to make so called silly face~
p/s: i like tis photo kinda much!=)

so there one coming band performance @ klang.
klang festive but i'm nt joining~~
reason, vry far sumore at nite, no transport~working somemore and most importantly i dun even noe tat we hv to perform until d past few days~

so.....tat's all!! =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

next destination

i was reading my last yr's blog post n found out tat my english is reli nt tat good n i dun even understands wat i am writing!(sum of it larr~xD)

so i feel like writing my blog when i read abt my ''future'' post.

b4 tis,i oni keep music as my only choice for my future but for now,tis coming 19th,i'm going to start my business management course in segi kl.gonna hv bachelor title in this course n d cert is frm 1 of uk's,i'm going to continue my studies @ segi.nt going to anywhr else.

so thr's a plan for myself.i'll find 1 part time job oni after i start my class.

benefits of having part time job:-thr will be pocket money for myself to spend!=)
-wont waste all my time since i oni study 3times a week.

so for now,i'm still vry freeee at home but it doesnt mean tat i can always hang out larrrr~~
looking forward to start my life..haha!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

evry day of the last week of working

Monday--its my usual off day!!=) today went to pj to do my driving licence since my P has expired~(yeay~means i "lat" P ad~xD) ltr mom said go sunway pyramid since we're like half way to thr ad.. so we went!=) me,mom,2nd bro n his gf. reach thr,v walk again...bought a few clothes~weee~~xD ltr went to sunway pyramid's concept store..walk around n saw heng. chat wif him lo....quite long din c him lerr...after he left our store... so tat's my usual off day monday~=)

Tuesday--as usual also,after off day,gt noon shift on tis day. 41ctns of summer'10 stock in! i'm happy!!haaha..actually all of us happy.. v use to got happy when thr's stock in cuz:-
1.v r d 1st one to c d new clothes~=)

2.v discuss which is nicer~(hehehe)
3.v keep on saying gonna try it n c izit nice!

4.v said v wanna buy!xD
so..these 41ctns of stocks,v do until 10pm oso haven finish cuz v still nid to iron all these new clothes!

Wednesday--its my last time of having FULL shift.time passes xtremely fast today cuz v oni gt 3ppl,omar n emma.v have break evry hour taking turns of course!1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm n 5pm. finish work at 10pm lo...after punching my card,i open my locker n found sth inside. den i was like making noise asking,:siapa punya baju.....suka letak dlm locker saya!yiorrrr..... den i take it out,omar takeit frm me n said he noe who bought 1.since thr's a receipt n after listening to wat omar said,i check my phone n owhhh..i noe who bought it.hah! so i quickly keep d dress n walk out frm d store wif emma!! conclusion:thx for d dress!=)..

Thursday--my mood is vry good today~nt a boring day cuz thr's things to do.iron d two racks of clothes,den highlight d sketches,recording d d/o n do d daily sales~ltr have my break wif esther,ho n emma @ ikea~yummmm..i like d fries~~~~nice!xD at nite,was standing in d fitting room.cuz is my responsible to take care of d fitting all of d sudden,d whole store gone dark!gt shocked for awhile cuz too suddenly..but straight away,d emergency lights on automatically.but its still vry dark cuz d lights r vry vry dim. den i walk out frm d fitting room after confirming there's no 1 in thr. went to d cashier counter n talk to ho,oni found out tat d whole shopping mall was in d dark! but gt lights on again vry fast.for our store,it was like abt 10mins.i still nid to get bak to d fitting room.but since is too quite n dimmed,its a bit scary...i stand a lil' bit out,far frm d fitting room.

Friday--gt ntg special lerrrr...2day mood not so good...vry tired since morning.keep on telling mas i wanna all day long,i was like half eyes bus home n den went to my room,laid on d floor,sleep for an hour.=)

Saturday--things was vry vry usual on today,break,continue to work~xD

Sunday--its my last day of working!omar was late i do d hse keeping all by myself.briefing n den clean d mirrors.after tat,write log book for d last time,do daily sales for d last time.den add on all d stocks,while omar was so free walking around..haha! sumore said to me:''lily,last day pun rajin ke~''hahaha!xD ltr,have my last break time wif stephanie,neoh,ben n hock sun @ sakae sushi~~ thxxxx to ben for treating!=) so reach 6.30pm la...v keep on taking photos in d locker room aka office n storeroom of pa n padini.haha!

So...that's the end of my working life @ Padini Concept Store The Curve.=)
no more hse keeping,cleaning d dust using d duster,wiping mirrors n mirrors on d table wif cloths,receiving stocks,checking stocks,tie them up,arrange it on d racks,climb up d ladder n feel a bit scared,take bags down using a stick when customers wanna have a look which i xtremely afraid of cuz its vry high!xD
no more doing daily sales,summary sales,stock movement,recording transfer in n out,highlighting sketches.all tis paper works i kinda like it~xD
no more taking figure frm d office n send it to chloe,my marketing which i at 1st vry bad in counting it n confuse wif d formula until i'm good in doing it.
no more calling customers telling them their pants r done wif alteration,calling customers asking them they still wan d clothes they reserved earlier or not. calling between stores asking whether they hv tis stock or tat stock or not cuz v do not have it when customers want it so much.
no more squatting down infront of d table while i rest my head on d mirror table which mas n emma owayz laugh at me,saying penyakit ''m'' its here.(m means malas!)
no more sitting on d carton box n when ben came around,look at me wif tat annoying face n ask me to stand up,telling me:''no sitting on d selling floor!'' while i talk bak to him saying:''no ppl oso!''..xD..
no more joking around wif them n gt tease by them sumtimes.n no more saying:'' Besarrrr Punyaaaa~" wif our vry own tone when v saw customers wif big boops!xD
no more singing n telling tis song nice!!when i heard any nice songs..hehehe...
no more saying tak mungkin laaaaa~mestiiii punyaa~!den owayz add 1 MESTI after saying sth.which makes d sentence gone up side down~


ikwan,mas,omar,emman ben

kassim,omar,ikhwan,lydia,mas,emma n khairi

like tis much!=)

omar,mas,emma n me~
d SEED promoters

missssss those days~~~~~=)

Friday, May 14, 2010

last 1 month

2day i keep reminding myself i gt oni 1month left working.

was calculating d new stock n talking wif Mas,

i tell her..:"Mas...1 bulan lagi larrr..."

she answered me:''ya la....sedihnya~~~''

den i was like uhhh...reli kinda sad wor....i'm gonna miss working~~>.<

i dun like working vry much but no mttr how,i''ve been working for almost 5 months!!

omg...its so like a leaving camp feeling for me

den as usual,i always think vry vry much...

was thinking abt tat thing.

was thinking abt my studies.

hey,i'm going to leave!!

i'm going to continue my studies,mayb at sabah!!

even if i dun go sabah,impossible tat i always go bak to thr d ma...

uhhh...i feel like crying.......xD

if v reli got together,can we last long??

since we wont be meeting each other anymore so so frequently

eventhough for now,v hardly talk ma...haih

can i tell u all abt tis??

i dun wanna be like last time...hardly talk to each other kills!!!!urghhh!!!shit!

haih...thr sth in mind my recently..

izit reli good if we reli got together??='(

Thursday, May 6, 2010



刚好就吃东西前这女的问我和同事那里有food court..